Stuff I Wrote

I'm guessing this might be intended to be a straightforward list of links to other sites, so I am going for a pretty simple layout for now. If the "Stuff I Wrote" page needs to be more elaborate we can recreate or edit once I have a list to start from?



External Title/Link

Another link to external article or story

Link to something on another site

Fourth title in this column or category

Adding one more to flesh this out



The fake titles in Category 1, above, are set as "Heading 2" in the style drop-down. Their color is determined by the link-color applied to the site as a whole.



First link in listing for second category of SIW page

A short title here

Maybe some of these titles will be quite long, so I'll type a short paragraph here as if its a title



The fake titles in Category 2, above, are set as "normal" in the style drop-down. The weight of the characters is set with the 'B' button. The color is determined by the link color for the site.


Running Out of Inspiration for Fake Titles

Perhaps I Should Try Writing Some In Title Case

Third Title Here To Properly Represent the Styling Option



The fake titles in Category 3, above, are set as "normal" and are not bolded with the 'B' button.