Stuff I Read

This page is a placeholder for Bill's blog-roll or list of links to other sites that he likes and wants to highlight for his visitors. We can simplify the presentation once I get a larger list, but for now I'm going to add a couple of sites/publications as examples.


Talking Points Memo

Some info about each site could go here, along with the link around the site/title above and the 'learn more' button below. I just chose TPM at random so you can see what a 'full' entry might look like, rather than just a list of sites. Depends on how many sites you want to link to, and whether or not you want to write something about them.


Crooked media

Again just a thing to represent a link to an external source, this time to the 'reads' portion of the Crooked Media site. See below for a list of name-only links, rather than 'link plus description' as seen here.


Feature 3

The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Latin used by designers to mimic real copy. Vivamus sit amet semper lacus, in mollis libero. Mauris id fermentum nulla.